The Most Progressive Agricultural Conference and Expo Gathering in The Americas


Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan

Why Agrohack?

Agriculture has become a driver of economic development. People of all different backgrounds, societies and nations have seen a bright future in agriculture and have been racing to reshape the sector and to be on the forefront of that promising vision.

AGROHACK provides a ground-breaking platform for industry leaders to converge in one place to share ideas and showcase game-changing global trends. The annual event gathers knowledge, expertise and technologies emerging throughout the world to promote agriculture as a sustainable source of economic prosperity.

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Agrohack Expo

The AGROHACK EXPO is a trade show that provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services in the agriculture industry.

It is a strategic business platform that integrates all segments of the industry and offers an opportunity to establish strategic alliances that can help startups and existing businesses to grow.

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The Conference

The most progressive agricultural conference and expo gathering in the Americas. The annual event gives key stakeholders, entrepreneurs, suppliers and other industry players a unique opportunity to discuss and advocate for or against relevant industry topics, practices and policies, build strong connections, and propel sustainable economic growth.


Agrohack MeetUps

Get a taste of our conference. Come meet us before our big event.

Learn about the latest trends in agribusiness. Connect with people who are harvesting success in the agricultural sector. Get to know industry experts. Receive guidance for your agricultural project ideas.

Agro Talks

Attend eye-opening talks by previous AGROHACK speakers who will share their wisdom about the past, present and future of agriculture.

Bringing Innovation to the Backyard
Marta María García
Changing the way we think about Virgin Island agriculture
Ken Neilson
Reinventing the Melon
Jorge Ramírez


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