Workshops | Agrohack


AGROHACK is an innovation summit designed to propel agriculture as a sustainable source ofgrowth and economic development.

During the conference we will be offering 4 different workshops, each lasting up to 60 minutes. You will have the option of attending whichever you prefer or continuing with the established agenda.



Business Model Canvas
Learn how to efficiently use the Strategic Management Template for the development of new agribusiness models. It is a visual chart with elements that describes: the value proposition of the company, its infrastructure, its products, its customers, and finances.

Nerma Albertorio Barnés
Founder of Centro para Emprendedores




Marketing Agricultural Products: From the Farm to the Consumer
Discover what is your ideal plan to promote your agricultural product and/or service.

Dra. Alexandra Gregory Crespo
Professor at the University of Mayagüez




Agricultural Financing
Learn all the steps to acquire a loan and take your project to the next level.

Ricardo Fernández
President of Puerto Rico Farm Credit




Organic Waste Management
Learn about some practical strategies for waste management in restaurants, farms and at home. You will see how converting to composite can help you save money in the long run.

Carlos Enrique Pacheco
President of Trito Agro-Industrial Services (TAIS)