Aquaponics: Swimming in Profit
September 20, 2018 vuelo6

During the 2016 Agrohack Conference, Jorge Casas discusses Aquaponics, the excellence of the produce it creates and it’s benefits to the economy, the community & society’s desire for quality of life.

Casas is the Owner of Agropónicos Cosecha de Puerto Rico.

He successfully established the first and only Commercial Aquaponics Farm in Puerto Rico, mastered the technology that is said to be the future of Agriculture due to its friendliness to the environment. Aquaponics respects principles of sustainable agriculture (wastewater biofiltration by plants) and gives us the possibility to increase economical efficiency with an additional production (organic vegetables).

AGROHACK is a premier agriculture innovation summit whose purpose is to propel agriculture as a sustainable source of growth and economic development.