Garden to Glass: Booze in Agriculture One Cocktail at a Time!
October 21, 2018 vuelo6

During his talk at the 2017 Agrohack Conference, Roberto Berdecía highlights the importance of using local and seasonal ingredients to spice up your mixology skills.

Roberto Bardecía is Co-Founder of La Factoria Jungle Bird & Caneca. La Factoria, is the first bar on the island ranked among the top 50 in the world by Drinks International. Certified by the Puerto Rico Bartenders Association, Roberto has shown his bartending skills in many events, representing the island in 2011 in Guatemala (where he won third place), winning the local World Class bartending competition, and competing at the World Class Global in India. He has served as judge in several competitions, most recently at the World Class Global in Miami.

AGROHACK is a premier agriculture innovation summit whose purpose is to propel agriculture as a sustainable source of growth and economic development.