Space to Earth: How Marstech can disrupt food in emerging economies
October 21, 2018 Gvavital

Farming in space is tough. Conditions are severe, and energy must be recycled and renewed. Food for a long mission to Mars would have to be grown in a spaceship using controlled-environment agriculture with zero-waste circulation systems. During his address at the 2017 Agrohack Conference, Blake Burris’ topics range from zero gravity to the base of pyramid economies. A talk that will enlighten, enrich and inspire young technologists to develop solutions for emerging markets.

Blake Burris is a futurist and the CEO of flux ( and he leads the company’s first product Eddy ( Burris comes from the worlds of mobility and data, and is always on the frontier of new markets and mobilizing community around emerging products. He raised capital from Facebook twice, and is the author of “The Smartup Manifesto” defining opportunities where big data, sensors, urban tech and the sharing economy collide. His kids call him a Mars Farmer.

AGROHACK is a premier agriculture innovation summit whose purpose is to propel agriculture as a sustainable source of growth and economic development.