Women Feeding The World!
October 21, 2018 Gvavital

During the 2017 Agrohack Conference, the panel discusses the importance of female leaders and how they overcome gender obstacles to succeed in the agriculture industry. Each speaker shares their experiences and offer key takeways.

Sonia I. Carlo is Agronomist, Organic Inspector & Founder/CEO of Productos SANA INC. Sonia is responsible for SANA’S certified organic vegetable, herbs and tea farm; CSA, an alternative, locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution; and SANA Farm Stand & Food Truck, a successful start up business dedicated to conscious consumption and quality eco-friendly products. She teaches sustainable farming and workshops on advanced organic agricultural techniques.

Wanda Otero is founder of Vaca Negra, the first and only company in Puerto Rico dedicated to the production of 100%-local crafted cheeses and yogurts. Wanda has more than 30 years of experience in the dairy industry. Prior to Vaca Negra, she worked in quality control at Vaquería Tres Monjitas for all of Empresas Fonalledas’ farms. Wanda holds a B.S. in animal health technology from the University of Puerto Rico and is a certified microbiologist.

Gabriela M. Alvarado Sanz is Marketing Manager at Ganaderos Alvarado, Inc. There, she develops the company’s marketing platform and corporate brand, schedules and plans marketing events, evaluates markets to find new opportunities, researches and develops new products, and analyzes sales, among other vital and influential tasks. Inspired by her parents’ passion, commitment and hard work, Gabriela obtained a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Puerto Rico and a law degree from Catholic University of Ponce.

Perla Sofía Curbelo-Santiago is the founder of Agrochic.com a blog in Spanish about urban agriculture, garden trends and wellness. She has been involved with agriculture for over 20 years, as a journalist, content producer and educator.
She coordinates corporate workshops on gardening as well advises organizations and individuals regarding AgCommunications. Content producer for Agrohack Conference (AgrohackCon.com)- a Cobian Media event- on innovation and technology for the agriculture sector. Perla Sofía has a College degree in Psychology, from University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (UPRM); and a Master degree in Public Relations from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. Licensed in Public Relations (R-940). Member of The Association for Garden Communicators (GWA).

AGROHACK is a premier agriculture innovation summit whose purpose is to propel agriculture as a sustainable source of growth and economic development.