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About Agrohack

AGROHACK is an innovation summit designed to propel agriculture as a sustainable source ofgrowth and economic development.


Is a premier agriculture innovation summit whose purpose is to propel agriculture as a sustainable source of growth and economic development.


Agriculture is a source of livelihoods for an estimated 86% of rural people (2.5 billion people) and provides jobs for 1.3 billion smallholders and landless workers. A more dynamic and inclusive agricultural sector could dramatically reduce rural poverty, helping countries achieve economic development and sustainability.

AGROHACK will showcase the emerging mindset and ideas that can revive our agriculture ecosystem through innovation. The event will bring together and strengthen a community of thinkers and doers whose shared purpose is to develop an innovative mindset, which will help develop ideas and advances within the agricultural world.


To propel agriculture as a sustainable source of growth and economic development via innovation and technology

Agrohack Conference


Build awareness about the agriculture sector as a new alternative for economic development.

Introduce game changing innovations within agriculture, food, water, and bioenergy to propel the industry.

Develop and attract talent, as it becomes the most important factor driving growth in the agriculture innovation cluster.

We will accomplish our objectives by:

Celebrating and showcasing the emergence of ideas that add economic value and contribute to the agriculture ecosystem.

Connecting the farmer with innovators, investors, suppliers, distributors and organizations that support the ecosystem.

Creating a stronger community of thinkers and doers with a shared purpose of moving agriculture forward in the right direction by innovating within the value chain.

Empowering farmers with the knowledge and the tools to be better, maximize and grow their businesses.

Agrohack Conference


Agrohack is for everyone in the agriculture industry—farmers, executives, suppliers, professors, government officials, technology and transportation providers—and/or anyone who wants to see this industry grow and thrive again.

Our Core Values

Collaborate • Connect • Educate • Empower • Innovate

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